Friday, July 15, 2011

Murphy's Law...

If something can go wrong, it will... The concrete crew worked really hard, did a beautiful job on the pool surround, gathered up their tools, and left...about 30 minutes started to R.A.I.N....for about 30 minutes...steadily...It wasn't a problem for MOST of the decking, but for the last areas finished  (and for ME!) it was a problem...Where the eaves dripped (poured) water, now there is a TRENCH! 
The crew is on its way back to FIX IT!!! I'm OK!!!!!!
I think it WILL BE FIXED...I'm SURE IT WILL BE FIXED...because I have not paid the tab yet!!!
(Seriously, they are great and they will make it perfect I am certain!..BREATHE!!!!!
oh, the DRAMA!!!!!
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