Birdie & Me c. 1953

When I was a small child and Daddy was in vet school (and Mama was working at "the college" (Auburn), the wonderful woman who kept me was named Birdie (her husband was Kelsey) and I loved her so...I still have a picture on a bookshelf of her holding me in her lap in our backyard.  

When we came to Mobile an amazing and wise woman, Charity Dixon, worked for Daddy at the vet clinic, but often times took care of us (Rusty, Amy, and me), as well.  One of my favorite wedding pictures is of Charity, dressed to the nines, at my a guest....she a Daddy are toasting one another...Awesome lady!

After Charity passed away in the late 70's, there was Maggie, who was as good and loving to everyone in our family as a grandmother...and we loved her.  

There was lots of respect and love going on in our house with not only these women, but to a certain extent with their families as well.  Each of these women were respected by everyone and they were part of our family.

After I was married, we had maids/housekeepers from time to time, but by then it seemed awkward to "have a maid"...times had changed, it didn't feel the same.  I was capable of cleaning my own house and taking care of my own children and I felt an uneasiness in having someone else do those things FOR ME, when I was able to do them myself...I need to read The Help!